Day 139 – Head – 50 Word Story Expanded

“I’m sorry my ladyship, but, he won’t eat, he flat our refuses to touch any of the food, not until you see him,” the large man says, she places a hand on his arm.

“It’s okay, I should’ve been here earlier. I feel terrible, please, leave us, I will convince him to eat,” she says.

“You should feel terrible, like the slut you are,” the voice yells from behind the wooden door, she quickly enters the room and removes the hood, covering her face.

“Please, my love, calm yourself, there is no need for this.”

“Calm myself? My love? Fuck you, you lock me up here while you sleep your way the castle and you expect me to be calm and quite when you finally, and by finally I mean FINALLY visit me. I think not wench, I think I will be as loud and ridiculous as I please myself to be.”

“You must understand, I couldn’t come any sooner, it was just not possible, we are creating an image, covering up what took place, and once all is settled, and the real parties responsible for the destruction the people think you committed have been taken down, we will revel that you are indeed alive and that you were hidden away, fighting for their freedom as you always have, like the true king y..”

“Bullshit, you just want me out of the way so you can screw your way though the royal guard, admit it!”

“My love, what has happened to you, you understood what w..”

“I understood what was going on, was that what you were going to say? Because if it was, I thought I did, that was before I realised how much of a lying whore you were!”

“Is this really all you have to say for yourself? Is this all that’s left between us?” She asks.

“Fuck you! You lock me up in this prison, yet you expect me to love you, what a fool you are, and how I’ll love taking your head from your shoulders!”

“Where are you?”

“I’m standing here, locked in this fucking prison wench!”

“We put you in this prison to protect yourself, nothing else, no other motives, we both know what the others would do if they saw you, what they would think of you. My love, please, don’t throw away what we have because it is true, it….”

“Stop it, please, you’re making me sick, do you actually believe the lies you tell? We, were not the ones who put me in this cell, it was you, you chose to lock me away, for my, own protection. I want out, I want my freedom, regardless of what terrors I face, I would rather be out there, instead of locked in here while you flaunt yourself to all who wish to taste your prizes.”

“You are not right my love, you…”

“Stop calling me my love, you don’t love me, you need me, you need what I have, so for once, why don’t you fucking just be honest, bitch!”

She walks to bars of his jail and rests her head upon them, looking at him, she smiles as her face twists, his eyes widen as her face distorts, changes before his eyes,  into something, someone, he doesn’t recognise, and she smiles, “Why don’t you just rest up my love, all will be right soon.”



You can read the original 50 Word Story HERE, I’d be interested in what you think of the full story that came from the short.


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