Horrorween Day 1 – Slope – 50 Word Story Expanded

“Well, haven’t you fucked the monkey on this one?”

“What’s that supposed to mean? It wasn’t my fault, I was forced into it, I only wanted to talk to her, really, I did, I never meant to, to….”

“What, stab her sixty seven times? Bullshit, so don’t lie to me, you know it makes me sick when you do it. Like, you somehow expect me to believe you, when you don’t even try to sound convincing.”

“SHUT UP! Y-Y-You know I didn’t want to do it, you know the bitch forced my hand. FUCK! I can’t even believe I’m sitting here, trying to talk my way out of this, with you!”

“That’s because you know you’ve fucked up, and there’s no way out, it’s a mess, you’re mess, it always has been since you first saw her.”

“B-B-Bullshit, don’t make out you didn’t have a role in all this, don’t make out your mister innocent,” he yells, looking across the room, towards him. “You know it wasn’t always like this, I-I-I, I knew if I could just make this work, it’d fix everything I’d done wrong, and, maybe then, she’d forgive me,” he says, staring at the dark, red, sticky, wet, blood, as it drips from his hands.

“Maybe, your first mistake was killing her? Actually, that was your second mistake, your first mistake was coming her to try and talk to her.”

“Kelly was in the way of everything, twisting Fiona’s thoughts, making it look like I was the one causing problems, making it look like I was the bad guy, when it was her all the time.”

“It’s going to be pretty hard proving it now, I mean, look at what you just did? I don’t want to be sour about it all, I know the work you put into this, but, fuck, you went postal on that bitch, of the wall postal! So, do you really  think there’s anywhere else left to go, but down from here?”

“We could bury the body?”

“Hey, take a step back there Hannibal Lecter, what makes you think I want to be your Clarice?”

“Seriously? What the fuck sort of analogy is that? Wouldn’t it’ve made more sense to say Will instead of Clarice?”

“I’m a purist, I rather Clarice than Will, the TV show, it went too far. Fuller twisted the fuck out of what I loved about the original books and movies, anyway, who doesn’t love Anthony Hopkins?”

“You’re crazy, the movies? The Lambs was great, I’ll say that bu Seriously? Hannibal and Red Dragon? They ruined the series, recasting was the first fuck up, and then, terrible story telling the second. Fuller gave the world a whole new coat of paint, made it vibrant, intense. It was next level stuff, I can’t believe you’d prefer the shit movie series, the TV show was almost, like real compared to them.”

“I can see how you would say that, looking at your handiwork here, I’d think you were auditioning for the new season.”

“Fuck you, who asked you to come along and offer your opinions anyway?”

“It’s not like I could’ve stayed at home or anything genius.”

“Yeah, okay, valid point. But, can you for the sake of argument, just agree with me from time to time?”

“Don’t think I can do that, I mean, why would they call me a conscience, if I didn’t offer criticism of what you’ve done and are about to do?”



You can read the original 50 Word Story HERE.

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  1. This story was so well done! Loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, it grew in something weird by the time I finished it. Glad you enjoyed it.


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