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At first the pain was nothing,

and then it started to grow,

slowly overtaking,

everything I was,

everything I’d been,

this thing,

whatever it was,

was something more,

something not me,

and it grew,

into more,

until it was all that I was,

this thing,

this shadow,

of someone,

I used to be,



you’ll never see,


you’ll never really see me.

Have you read the first six parts of The Roundhead? I know they’re a bit longer than most of the things on my blog, but I promise, they’re worth it.

You can find part 1 HERE, part 2 HERE, part 3 HERE, part 4 HERE, part 5 HERE, and part 6 HERE. But make sure you get in quick, as the final piece of the puzzle is only a day away and I’d hate for you to fall behind before the end.


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