Death Board

Names erased,

their blood spilt,

their sins now with the beast,

the fight seems lost,

it thinks it’s won,

and now its drawing down to the final hour,

our fate in the hands of fiction,

in the hands of the unknown,

can my words save us,

or will they be unwritten?

can the past break through,

or is the present too far gone?

do I dare to believe,

do I dare to hope,

that somehow,

that someway,

the beast will fall…

Have you read the first six parts of The Roundhead? I know they’re a bit longer than most of the things on my blog, but I promise, they’re worth it.

You can find part 1 HERE, part 2 HERE, part 3 HERE, part 4 HERE, part 5 HERE, and part 6 HERE. But make sure you get in quick, as the final piece of the puzzle is only a day away and I’d hate for you to fall behind before the end.


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