Short Story Where I Start & Where It Ends

Day 186 – Lamentation – Where It Ends

“I crawled from the pit, my body, broken, bloody, and all I could think of is what I’d do to you, once I found you,” he says, through bloody, clenched teeth.

“I bet you didn’t think this was how it was going to go?” She says as she grabs the handle of the blade that sticks from his chest, and twists it, he screams in pain.

“Fuck you Sarah, have you’re day, but I’ll be back, I’ll crawl from where ever you dump me, and I’ll try again, and again, until your head is on a pike outside my front door!”

She laughs, “Mitchel, so much hated inside you, is this really still over me killing your family? I mean, honestly, I’ve heard of holding a grudge, but to actually pull yourself from, well, wherever you went after I put that bullet in your head, to come and get revenge seems overkill. Wouldn’t it be a smarter thing to find your family and drag them forth, from the unknown with you.”

“They were not where I ended up, they, they were somewhere better, somewhere I’ll never get the chance to go.”

She laughs again, louder this time, “Oh my, so you went to Hell and your family went to Heaven? That is a terrible thing, even in death, you’ll never be with them,” she laughs some more before she straddles him and drives another knife into his chest, he screams in pain, as she smiles gleefully, licking her lips with her tongue. “Does it hurt? Do you want death? Beg me! Beg me for it and I might let you taste it once more, or, do you want to taste something different?” She says, as she leans down and kisses him, his eyes widen, then he bucks wildly, trying to throw her off him, but the pain, his injuries, in fact, everything up to this point, has left him too weak. She pulls back and wipes his blood from her mouth. “Some people don’t know the finer things when they taste them,” she says as she gets to her feet and looks over at two big brutish men, both dressed in expensive, black suits, with dark red shirts, she motions for them to approach her. “Take him down below, and throw him in one of the cages, I don’t want him rising back from the dead and coming to surprises us again, I’d rather keep my eye on him if I can.”

“I-It’s not going to stop me, n-n-nothing will s-stop me, I’ll have my revenge one day, I’ll have your head!” he yells as they pull him to his feet.

“I don’t doubt that one little bit,” she says, as she runs a hand across his face, gently caressing his cheek.  “I’m just going to prolong it for as long as I can, you see, me and you, we’re fated to keep crossing paths, that is true, but, I will choose how they intersect, not you,” she says, as she slashes a blade across his throat.


10 replies on “Day 186 – Lamentation – Where It Ends”

‘…but, I will choose how they intersect…’ I’m sure she will try. Such a great story idea, it leaves room for so much more inside my head.
Just this morning I started writing a blog piece about a cursed family and a main character called Sarah. The world is a crazy place at the moment, I blame the Supermoon.

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Thanks, I’ve got bigger plans with these ideas, but for now they will all settle, maybe each week I’ll add to the story for the week before, that’s my current thought… Ah the supermoon! Yes indeed, although it’s been overcast here for the past few days so no sightings of the accursed SUPERMOON!!

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