Day 188 – This Is My Sin – Where It Ends

“When this all first started, we had some good times, perfect times almost, you could say,” he says with a smile.

“That’s before you showed me who you were, before you change!” he yells.

“No, that is where you are wrong, for I did not change, it was you.”

He laughs, “Really, you’re going to play the blame game? I thought I already did that eons ago?” He says as he drags back on the cigarette, then blows the smoke into his face, causing him to splutter and cough. “Can’t you see Derick , we are but peas in a pod, you and I, made to torment each other, made to burn this world to the ground, and dine on the flesh and blood of all who come before us.”

“You’re insane, we were made for better things, not this, not destruction.”

“Don’t mock my words,” he growls as he leaps to his feet, and slaps Derick hard across the face with his open hand. “We were created to rule, mother made that so, and we would be ruling by her side, if it wasn’t for you, falling for those things, those, humans.”

“They are far greater beings than you or I could ever be, can’t you see that, can’t you see their beauty? Remember when we….”

He slaps his again, harder this time, “Do not try and preach to me, I know what I have seen, I know what I have witnessed, I don’t need you to twist my memories into your own needs, they’re cattle, tools, a means to an end, nothing more. When the first was given existence, did we not wonder at them? Did our eyes not grow wide, and our tummy’s hungry?”

“Stop it! Can’t you see that it’s all changed, our power, gone, along with mother, can’t you see they don’t need us, and that, in itself is our ending.”

“WE WILL NEVER END!” He screams as he grabs Derick by the throat, and tackles him to the ground. “I NEVER WANTED THIS, I NEVER WANTED TO END YOU, I ONLY WANTED YOU BY MY SIDE AS IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!” He yells.

“It’s too late for dreams old friend, we are but memories, fading, they don’t believe anymore, they have new gods to worship, new places to gather, we are, nothing. So, free me, let me go, let me finally rest.”

Tears stream down his face, as he tightens his grip, as the sound of bones breaking vibrate around the room, Derick gasps for air, for a breath, cocking on his own blood, and he smiles and then, the room explodes in a white light, he shields his eyes, and then, the light is gone, and he is alone.

“I will make them remember, I will remind them of who we were, and they will come bow before me, as I build my kingdom on their bones,” he gets to his feet, clenches his hands into fists. “All sons of Adam, all daughters of Eve, prepare, for I am coming, and I will not rest, for I am your sin born into flesh.”


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