Short Story Where I Start & Where It Ends

Day 189 – Take It All – Where It Ends

“I-I never meant to hurt anyone, I never meant for t-th-them to die the way they did, I loved them all, e-eac-ach as much as the next in line, I loved everyone, and they, loved me, like our father taught us. you see, it was her, she did it, corrupted m-m-me, made me do it, but, I guess you want to know what I’m talking about. I-I guess you want to know what happened when Sister Mary sold her soul, to the devil,” he says softly, his voice shaking with nervousness, he looks up, into the faces of the small congregation that sit, scattered around the room, all eyes transfixed upon him.

“It was two nights ago, as the wind howled through the trees, that the devil, came to our small village, and infected the weak with it’s tongue of vileness. Sister Mary, she was harboring doubts about her calling, she had, sh-she,” he stops for a moment, and looks around the room, locking eyes with all, he takes a deep breath. “She had been taking a leave of absence for the last few nights, and going out into the village, to seek those that would help corrupt her soul, then, when she found who she needed, she, s-s-she, she SINNED!” He yells, clutching his head in his hands, tears rolling down his face.

“SHE lead that thing here, her and the depravity she cast upon the cross of our lord. SHE allowed the beast to find it’s way to our home, and then, once it was here, it feasted on the souls of all who were weak, rotten, and impurer. Then, once it was strong enough, it came for us, the mighty, those that had bathed in the light of our lord and understood what he wanted from us. At first, it was little things, darkness, slowly edging into the light, a glace here, a wicked thought there, and then, it was actions, it was violation of ones sacred oaths. We were people of the heavens, getting lost in the smut of those below us, violating each other, swapping our juices, inflicting pain, torture, and, though I am loathed to admit it, also, pleasure, for that is what the hand of the DEVIL DOES!” He yells, he feels his heart beat furiously in his chest, he tightens his grip on the chain around his neck, as each breath blows viciously though his nostrils.

“W-W-We must, we must n-n-not, WE MUST NOT SIN!” He screams, as the doors to the room bursts open, and a dark, thick mist wisps it’s way in through the opening. It glides around the room, then comes to a stop in the centre, and begins to spiral like a small tornado, his eyes widen, he clenches his teeth as he pulls his cross before him, holding it towards the black mist. “GET BACK DEMON! G-G-GET BACK, I DO NOT FEAR YOU!”

The mist explodes like a volcano, and then is gone, leaving him standing there, his face twisted with aggression, fear, hate, and he begins to laugh.

“RUN DEMON! RUN! FOR THE NEXT TIME WE MEET I WILL SEND YOU BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM, FOR I AM ALL POWERFUL!” He yells, spinning around on the spot like a child, playing in the schoolyard, all the while, the dead eyes of his congregation watch on.


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