Read Someone New For Friday

I didn’t post one last week, as I had a few things on, and I was thinking to myself, how can I make this more interesting. More beneficial to not just me, but also to you. So I had an idea. I’m going to suggest 3 blogs I follow, blogs who post on a regular basis, and post great stuff, in my opinion anyway.

And then, if you like, I’d like for you to mention in the comments section, 1 to 3 blogs you follow who do the same, along with your own blog to top it off, and lets see if we can turn this into a bit of a crazy moment of togetherness…

Okay, yeah, there’s the crazy part.

But anyway, lets see what happens.

it could be something dark,

or something sweet,

or something bloody,

oh wouldn’t that be a treat?

but then again,

it could be lame,

so in that case,

you are to blame,

for it was not I,

I gave it a shot,

I threw my hat in,

and I sharpened the blade,

I tied the victims,

I slit their throats,

you dug the hole,

it wasn’t deep enough,

they arose again,

and came after me,

but why was it me,

when it was you who failed?

So, yeah, that just happened, anyway if nothing does happen from this, well, so be it, I’m not going to loose any sleep over it, it’s not what my blog is about, it’s about my works, but, maybe, it’s about connections as well.

So, feel free to add in the comments your blog, and 1 to 3 other blogs you think people should follow.


SlasherMonster Magazine

Rough And Ready Fiction


So, post away, or not, but always remember, read, like, write, and share!


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