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Day 194 – Broken – Where It Ends

He fumbles with the rope several times before finally managing to get a solid grip on it, his heart pounds in his chest, he struggles for air, his hands torn to shreds, and his energy almost depleted. He looks over his shoulder towards the ground, several hundred feet below and takes a deep, long breath, looking towards the summit, and continues to climb once more. He pulls himself forward, step after step, sweat seeps into his eyes, stinging them, he fights the urge to wipe them, as his hands firmly grip the rocks of the cliff face, his arms shake, and he hisses through his clenched teeth. What was to be a journey of discovery, re-acquaintance, bonding, has now turned into a fight for survival. He feels hands grip his throat, as a burning cold breath blows into his ear.

“Why’d you do it Carter? Why’d you cut the rope you piece of shit!”

“You’re not real, you’re just in my head, I’m exhausted, delusional, you’re not really here!” He yells.

“How can you be sure? My body may be at the bottom of this rock face, but it won’t be alone for long, you’re coming with me you bastard! You’re going to pay for crossing me, even in death, I’ll have my revenge!” His ghostly grip tightens around Carter’s throat, and he gasps for air, momentarily releasing his grip on the rock face, he slips downward, but frantically digs his fingers in deep, clutching at the rocks.

“GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” He screams as he hugs the cliff face, his eyes darting feverishly around, his heart racing a million miles an hour, feeling, as if it will almost rip out of his chest. He fees cold hands clutch at his throat once again, quickly followed by the icy breath in his ear.

“You won’t leave me here to die alone, we came out here to reconnect, and instead, you cut me loose, completely. Is that what you planned? Are you still bitter about me being the one who got everything, and you, nothing!” The voice hisses into his ear.


“New flash Carter, I’m dead, which is a long, long, log way from being hurt, I’d rather that, than being the mangled piece at the bottom, but you’ll get the picture soon enough,” he says, the grip on his throat release, and Carter sucks in precious air, as he clutches the rocks with all the strength he has left, and begins mumbling to himself.

“Are you, praying?”


He starts laughing, “You are, you’re fucking praying, you weak bastard.”


“That’s not going to happen, ever, not until you’re in the ground next to me, which, wont be long,” he says, Carter feels the icy cold hands grip his, and slowly, powerfully beings pulling his hand away from the cliff face.


“You know what,” Brian says, as his ghostly form pulls his brothers hands free, and he tumbles backwards, falling quickly towards his death. “I’m not!”


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