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Day 198 – Shocker – Where It Ends

It was a cold and windy night when I went across the street to fetch Margaret from the Fishers, she had spent the night with Gloria Fisher, Charles wife, enjoying the gossip of the week. I gripped myself tightly when I stepped out into the night, seeing her almost instantly, lying there, motionless.

I slowly crept to her side, and felt for a pulse, there was one, and it was faint, I looked across the road, towards the Fishers and then, back down to this girl, this raven haired beauty, and hoisted her in the air, then carried her back into my home. She was cold, colder than anyone, or anything I had touched before, gently I laid her down on the couch, and stood above her, in puzzlement, what was I to do. Quickly I grabbed towels and blankets, covering her in the towels first, gently patting her as dry as I could, then the blankets. Still, it did not help.

I remembered hot baths would help and quickly ran upstairs, and turned the bath on full, this was going to take a while, no, wait, a shower I thought, and quickly turned the nozzles off, run back down stairs, then lifted her once more into the air. Once I got her into the bathroom, I gently laid her on the ground, started the shower and maneuvered her in. it was difficult, and I ended up soaked, as did she, so I did the only thing I could think of, I stripped off her clothes, and then mine. Slowly she stated to stir,muttering words, in a language I did not recognise, she looked softly into my eyes, and I was smitten, I kissed her deeply, surprisingly, she did not reject me, returning the kiss. For fifteen minutes we let our passions take over, as I revived her back to full health, she, drained me of mine. I collapsed, exhausted, as if years had been taken off my life, where she, she looked radiant.

She turned to me and smiled, thanked me for my hospitality, kissing me gently on the head, and left, I heard the front door close, and that was that.

It was some fifteen minutes or so later, that Margaret returned home, I heard her call out, and I, firstly tried to cover myself up, then responded to her calls, she barged through the bathroom door, then began to scream, demanding what I was doing in her home, and where was her husband.

I tried to talk her down, convince her who I was, but she just kept on screaming, the police soon came, and I found myself having to explain myself to so many people, then go through so many tests, but finally, after what seemed like weeks, they finally started believing me.  Seems I wasn’t the only one bedazzled by a beauty who stole their life away…



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