Day 200 – Doubt – Where It Ends

“What you think they care if you’re guilty or not? All they care about is closing this case, and making sure the real truth never gets out, and if they have to send you to the chair to make sure that happens, they will! So, get the fuck off your arse and tell me what really happened that night!” He yells, slamming his fist into the table, slowly, she looks up at him, from the other side and smiles.

“Do you really want to know? Don’t you like the tale we tell right now? Believing that they’re covering up something bigger, something worse that anything I’ve been accused of?”

“Mary, they’re going to send you to the chair! Don’t you care?”

She laughs, “It’s a little early to be pulling out the passionate rhymes isn’t it John, we’ve only known each other a few weeks, and, I haven’t even kissed you,” she says with a wry smile, he pull son his collar, loosening his tie.

“I can’t believe you’re laughing about this!”

“Why? Do you want me to cry? Would it make you feel better?”

“Well, it would be better than this, at least you’d seem…”

“What? Seem human? Is that what you were going to say?”

“No, not human, I was going to say innocent, why the fuck would I say human?”

“You all go there, eventually, seeing the real me, for what I am, something,” she look across the table at him, as he hangs on her words, and she smiles, “something lost.”

“Something lost? For fuck sake Mary, stop playing these fucking games and just tell me what really happened, let me save you!” He yells, leaping from his seat, the passion, the fear, the commanding tone, makes her smile fade and she looks back down at the table.

“You’re a good man John, a upstanding human, the kind that I once admired,” she says softly. “But, it’s too late for the truth, it will never save me, I-I-I, I was lost before I took their lives, they know it, I must pay for my sins, I must be able to be judged, but the only one fit to do so.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ll tell you a story, one that will, one day, mean something to you I’m sure,” she says, looking back up at him, her eyes, for the first time since these two met, shows a softness. “There was a place one, beautiful, green, warm, a home, where nothing died, only peace, tranquility and knowledge prospered. One day, one of the few who cherished this place found themselves at odds with another, before long, it had blown up into an argument, the first this place had seen. As this had never been before, no one knew what to do, how to resolve it, so, they ran to the elder of the village, the wisest of all. He said it was expected that one day this would happen, and when that day came, he had prepared something, a way to settle all problems, a way to remove the bad, to, put an end to the argument, he called it death. Soon, paradise was ruined, happiness was gone, and, death, ran its wicked hand through them all, the young girl, who had been the one to ask the wisest one for help ran back to him, and begged him to help again, but he refused, saying that this is what she had built, this is what she had made, and now, she must live with that sin. The girl lost her temper, she felt betrayed by the wise man, so she struck out, killing him. When the old man feel, he cursed her, to walk the lands, until the day, she finally understood, truly understood, what she had done,” she smiles, as a tear runs down her face. “See John, I have, after so long, finally, understood, what it is, I have done, and now, I can find my forgiveness in he who gave me life.”

John sits there, motionless, his mouth hanging open, his eyes, wide, “R-R-Really?”

She smiles, “You’ll never really know, will you?”


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