Day 202 – Black – Where It Ends

He grips the knife tightly, feeling the blade slice through his flesh, and, as his blood drips onto the ground, the very earth itself begins to tremble, and he smiles.

“Grant me all that I ask! Grant me power immense, untouched by those of man since the dawn of time! Grant me immortality!” He yells, the trembling stops, and a thick, black fog, rises from where his blood dropped, taking the shape and form of a figure.

“You ask for that which was taken from man, you ask for immortality, you ask for power,” a distant voice says. “What will you give for it?”

“Haven’t I already shown you that,” he says, waving his arms towards the fifteen bodies that lie scattered around the room, in pools of their own blood.

“A pittance for what you ask,” it says.

“This is but the start, grant me what I ask, and I will fill your halls with thousands more, millions.”

It laughs, “Grand desires, but, at your heart, you are human, with faults, this power you seek is much more than what you realise, it is not for you.”

“Demon, I did what was asked, I made the sacrifices, I cut their throats, my loved ones, have I not shown I am more than ready!”

It laughs again, “Indeed you did, and I know, deep, in your heart, you loved those you killed tonight. But, I want those, those closer to the surface, your true, your rawest loves, not the fodder you love but can live without.”

“T-T-That’s not the deal, th…”

“It is the deal because that’s what I say the deal is! You, simpleton, do not make the deal. Words on paper no older than a century or more, do not make the deal. I, who is older than time itself, make the deal. Kill your true loves, kill them to please me. And, if you can do that, I will see you’re words, turn into reality, for I will make you, immortal!”

He stares at the mist, tightly gripping the blade, feeding off it’s pain, and, through clenched teeth, hisses venomously, “You swear, if I take their lives, you will give me what I ask for?”

“That and more.”

“How can I believe you? How will….”

“YOU DARE QUESTION MY WORD? YOU DARE ASK FOR PROOF!” It bellows. “I am he who crawled from the deepest pits to answer your call, I am he who spat in the face of the almighty and lived to call him brother! MY WORD IS MY DEAL, IF YOU DON’T TRUST MY WORD, THEN I WILL SUCK THE VERY MARROW FROM YOUR BONES, THE VERY SOUL FROM IT’S HIDING PLACE, AND FOREVER, ETERNAL, YOU WILL SUFFER, FOR THAT IS THE DEAL!” He feels the pull, the pain, agony, and screams, as the darkness envelopes him.



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