Day 204 – Solvent – Where It Ends

The acid burnt, not that he knew, as he was long gone, his dead, empty eyes just stare forward, as the corrosive liquid begins to slowly eat its way through his flesh and bone.

“How long?”

“An hour, maybe less, it’s different for everyone, and then, he’ll be in the past, permanently, where he belongs.”

“A-And, y-yo-your sure he won’t ever bother me again? That thing, w-will keep him from escaping?”

He laughs, “Lady, I tried not to laugh when you said we needed to destroy the body, I really did. But, you saw it all, you saw what I did, I mean, I put three bullets in the back of his head, then, as you asked, I cut it off, chopped him into little pieces, and then stuck him in this drum of acid, which is sealed shut, and we’re about to bury. I think, any sane person would know, he’s gone, but, for you to ask, if he’ll ever bother you again, well, my first, second and third answer to the above question would all be the same. He’s never going to bother anyone, ever, again.” He says as he drives the shovel into the dirt, shaking his head. “Anyone would think you don’t believe he can die.”

“Your not the first to try,” she says softly.

He thrusts the shovel into the ground and looks over to her, “What do you mean, I’m not the first to try?”

“Exactly what it means chubby,” a voice says from behind him, as hands grips his head and twist it violently around, almost completing a full 360 degree turn, a snap, a gasp, a groan, all fill the air at once, and then, his lifeless body flops with a thud to the ground. “Honey,” he says with a smile. “You’ve really gotta stop hiring these worthless oafs, they’ll be the death of me one day.”

“That’s the fucking point Vincent.”

“Oh sorry, did you not get the sarcasm?”


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