Day 219 – Evil In Red – Short Story

They say, everything has an ending, every thing, ever created, from the beginning of time, until the end, has it’s whole journey mapped out, and we, all of us, are but pawns, with no real abilities, just those we are given. It seems like a crazy thing to believe, I found it hard to at first, but, once you see the truth for what it is, once you see destiny, you change, you become, something different. Well that’s the way I see it anyway. Have you ever had deja vu? Don’t say that you haven’t, because we all have.  A lot of people like to think different things about deja vu, some make reference to The Matrix, thinking it’s a hiccup, a reset of the systems, because something has gone wrong, others, think that it’s like an echo of an alternate reality, it gets worse, as the ideas get more convoluted, believe me.

But, I found out the true reason behind what is deja vu, why it happens, how it happens, and I wanted to share it with you, not, I take that back, I had to share it with you, because, it is what I must do, it’s written that way. Anyway, lets not get caught up in all the little details, that’s not what this is about, or, what I’m writing about, I want to tell you about our path, the one that’s written before we are even born, the path that he, or she, wrote for us.

Okay, I get that feeling, the one where you just rolled your eyes, it was the he or she part right? It’s always that part that gets the eyes rolling, every time I do this, every time I repeat, that part, rolls eyes. I get it, that’s okay, you want to believe god is some old white man, with a long flowing white beard and a sheet for clothing, you go ahead and do that, it’s not a problem, but, my story isn’t going to paint that picture, in fact, my story really isn’t going to mention much about them again, only in passing.

Where was I, before I interrupted myself, that’s right, deja vu, what is it, well, let me guide your minds eye for a moment, and get you to picture a book, let’s call the book, Life. Now, the cover, well, it can look like anything, but, lets say it’s a picture of a beautiful blue sky, with a  couple of pure, white clouds floating about, and the words life are stamped on the front, in big, bold, engraved letters. Have you got it so far? Great, I knew this would be an easy one for you to understand.

Now, open it up, first page, is blank, so is the second, but by the time we get to the third, some words are there, not a lot, but a few. Let’s skip a few pages, I don’t care how many, as many as you think you need to skip, but don’t go to the end, because, no one really wants to know how life ends, although, some people have a habit of going forward a few pages, hoping to change what’s already mapped out for them. Just like you did, I know you did it, I felt something, I’m sure you did too, a cold shiver, nausea, arthritis? all these things and more, are signs, and then, there is deja vu, that’s when your minds eye, takes something in, turns too many pages forward, and recalls it, and you think, damn! Have I done this before? When in reality, you just knew it was going to happen.



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