Day 220 – He Who Runs – Short Story

“Darius, I thought you’d gone?” She says, looking over to his unmoving form in the doorway. “Are you just going to stand there not saying a word all night, or are you going to come in?” But, once again, her words have no effect, as he still stands, ignorant of her. Slowly she gets up, off her bed, and takes a nervous step towards him.

“Darius, this isn’t funny anymore, say something, GOD DAMN I…. Oh my god, what happened to you?”  She gasps, as her hand tightly presses itself against her mouth, holding her lips closed. She feels the bile, and whatever else is in her stomach surge upward, burning her throat, then, rush into her mouth, spraying from its corners like broken water pipes, until, it explodes out her nose as well. She coughs violently, choking on pieces of un-chewed food, gagging, she clutches for air, tumbling to the floor in a heap.

“Such, a drama queen Sophia,” he says softly.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!” She screams.

“I have been chosen,” He says, as he steps into the light of the room, it shines on his bloody, torn face, as flesh hangs, while bone and muscle show clearly through the tears as he smiles, “I’ve been given a role to play in this world, a chance, to make a difference, for everyone, nothing else, nothing, that would warrant the reaction you have given.”

“B-B-But, BUT YOUR FACE! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?” She screams, he slowly turns to a mirror across the room, and gently touches his face, with his dirty, blackened hands.

“Before one can make changes, one must make changes within themselves, you see,” he says, turning to her, his eyes, visibly moving in their open, bloody, sockets, makes her dry reach once more. “I, I was so concerned about my looks, my pride in self, blinded by beauty, blinded by ego, I did not notice the sins of this world, the pain, the suffering, the unhappiness that was taking place before my eyes. None of these I saw, for I was lost, in my own world, in my own pride, but, I’ve been shown the way, I’ve stripped back from who I was, and embraced, who I must become, who I must be for this world to see, what it needs to see,” he says, raising a large bloody knife towards her. “Come my love, let me show you, let me, open your flesh to the sins of man.”



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