Day 233 – Years End – Short Story

As the year comes to its closure, its last day, the final night, our worlds, also comes to its end. I’ve tried to tell anyone one who would listen, some who wouldn’t, although regardless of their standing, the answer was always the same, they don’t believe me.

So, I came here, online, to this forum, hoping to find someone, anyone who would listen to my story, to understand, and, to spend the last few moments of this world, on the same plain of existence, on the same level of thought, as me. Well, that’s how I planned it all to work, how I thought I was going to start this message. I know, I know, I’m not making sense, but I don’t mean to, I mean that as honestly as I can, because, for you to understand, at first you mustn’t, damn it, all I really want to do is tell you why tonight, you’re all going to die.

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