Day 307 – Waiting – Wrapped In Words

They say it knows all things,

they say it’s a god,

but I know the truth,

I know what it really is,

how it became,

long ago,

when the world was new,

when every was just beginning,

it was given life,

one that had no end,

that did not age,

and it was prized above all others,

and then,

we were created,

and we created,

we spawned new beings,

made up of ourselves,

and it grew jealous,

for it could not do these things,


it was alone,

ignored by its creator,


it attacked,

and in that moment,

that violent,

bloody moment,

it found happiness,

then the creator returned,

and banished it to the other side,

where it waited,

growing more jealous,

growing more volatile,


until it had the chance to be free,

and finish what it started,

that day,

is coming….

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