M Is For…..

I’m working on something for another blog, it’s an idea that is starting to crystallize, but, I don’t know if I’m getting carried away with the set up, or just doing what I normally do, which is have too much fun with dialogue… Anyway, I thought I would share the beginning of my idea. It may change many times before it’s posted, but, when it does, I’ll let you know and you can be the judge on if it works out the way I hope it will.






He looks over toward him, the king, or, so he thinks, and allows a sneer to protrude from his mouth.

“Don’t even think it,” a voice hisses in his ear, he turns quickly.

“Why not? We’re as good as dead anyway, why not go out on our feet, fighting, than screaming like Wills?”

“Because at least Wills had a god damn plan man, he wanted to escape, you just thinking about dying, wanting it, that ain’t no way to play this game.”

He laughs softly, “Game? This all a game to you Conner?”

“It’s all a game man, life. You win some, you lose some, but you play it none the less, you play to win on every hand, and damn me if sometimes the best wins are the wins you ain’t supposed to win.”

“Fifteen minutes ago you said Wills was a dumb son of a bitch, and now you’re saying he was playing it smart?”

“I never said that stupid, crazy eyes fucker was smart, I’m just saying he had a plan to survive. Sure, it didn’t pan out the way he planned, but think what someone with brains could do, how far a smart son of an ugly mother like you could manage,” he says, nodding his head approvingly, his eyes wide with excitement. “Fuck Custer, you could take down everything, bring the self-proclaimed king HIMSELF to his knees. Then make HIM run the maze, MAKE HIM face his medieval pet, like he does to everyone else.”

Custer shakes his head, wearing a smiled laced with sarcasm, “You’re the crazy one. No one’s ever made it out of this place alive, that thing, his medieval pet, as you so politely put it, is unstoppable, un-killable, and un-fucking believable. What hope would I have that others who were stronger, faster and god damn smarter than me didn’t?”

“Fucked if I know man, but one things fo’ damn sure. I’m going to enjoy watching it,” he says as he stands up, nods his head as if to music, then pouts his lips and spins around dancing, throwing an arm in the air, and posing for a few seconds, “YO! SAMMY! I GOT A MOTHERFUCKER HERE WHO IS DOWN FOR WHAT YOUR SWEET, SWEET MAMMA IS PUTTING OUT!” He yells out, the room falls into silence, as they all stare his way. Custer looks up, gritting his teeth together, and clenching his hands into fists as Conner looks down at him, smiling. “Aw, don’t take it the wrong way man, we all pay the same price in the end, the only difference is, my day isn’t today.”

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