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The Other Side Of The Looking Glass Is Not Home – Wrapped In Words

Wisdom forgotten in the bowels of hell,

Sinister demise of what was mine,

Stolen by a false idol,

A mirror image distorted by my own imagination,

My hand now feels the glass as it layers before me,

Cutting off what was,

Replacing my life with one I had created,

My everything rewritten,

My life turned into the strokes of a pen,

And the beast,

The beast I birthed into this imaginary world now hungers behind me,

For I smell its putrid breath as it wafts over me….

Wash The Wickedness From Beneath My Fingernails – Wrapped In Words

Nerves twisted in an array of directions,

Words stolen,

Plagiarised from those of saner mind,

Perpetual larceny,

A lie I live within,

Like the flesh that covers my rotten frame,

A plague I call life,

A life where my hands are those of a coward,

My suicide impossible,

A memory,

A dream,

A lie,

That’s what he made me,

That’s why I fought back,

I would by die as easily as he wished,

As he wrote me to,

I will be the survivor,

And he will be the victim…

An Infinity I Give For A Tomorrow That Is Mine – Wrapped In Words

A victimless crime is mine,

A mirror smashed in a thousand pieces,

A withered reflection cast asunder,

Images lost,

Images found,

A soulless monster wanting my sin,

But my sin is not mine,

My sin is his,

Did I earn his place by stealing it from him,

Or did he give it to me willingly as he knew what was to come from tomorrow,

Nothing is as it seems,

For his image am I created in,

My life,

My eyes,

Are not his..

Don’t Allow My Imagination This Power – Wrapped In Words

I’m finding myself stuck on the wrong side of the mirror,

Slowly becoming the reflection,

Slowly losing control,

A character built from my imagination is coming to life,

Purging all I’ve ever been,

Turning it into lies,

I can see it crumbling before me,

As his tales shape,

Twisting the very arms of reality to his whim,

All while the wicked beast watches on,

Biding its time,

Slowly growing closer,

Stealing my everything,

Stealing his all,

So it can become!

The Slithers Lost In Your Reflection Are Mine – Wrapped In Words


Waiting to re-emerge,

My moment in the sunlight is far from undone,

My story is not finished,

The darkness of his soul may have swallowed me within his lies,

But I am still alive,

A heart beats beneath my chest,

Though it may not be mine,

It beats none the less,

Tomorrow is mine for the taking,

Yesterday will be rewritten to my shape,

My past will be his,

And his,

Will be undone….

A Fluid Motion Reflected Upon All – Wrapped In Words

He saw me,

He gave me life again,

And now as he sleeps,

I run free,

Locked in an endless nightmare,

Persuade by all those imaginary things,

Reimagined time and time again.

Until even I lost count of who I was,

Or what my role was,

I know the beasts role is defined by the infinite,

But my role,

My part in all these stories,

What am I to be,

The hero?

The villain?

The Betrayer?

It must be one,

Or all,

Or could it be none?

The Silent Castration Of My Own Self Manipulation – Wrapped In Words

I caught his reflection in my mirror today,

The other me,

The one without the eyes,

He smiled,

It was a sad smile,

He’s getting closer,

Day by day,

I can feel him reaching out to me,

He wants what I once wanted,

To be the one in control,

I’ve squandered it,

I should’ve killed them instead of buried them,

My past,

My selves,

My sanity and dismay,

I saw my reflection today,

It was there in the background,

Slowly getting closer,

Slowly breaking through…

Sǝǝʇɥᴉuƃ Mᴉɔʞǝpuǝss – Mɹɐddǝp Iu Moɹps

⅄on ɯɐʎ sǝpɐʇǝ ɯǝ ʍᴉʇɥ ʎonɹ pɹnƃs’

qnʇ I sʇᴉll lᴉʌǝ ɥǝɹǝ qǝuǝɐʇɥ ʎonɹ sʞᴉu’

Mɐᴉʇᴉuƃ ɟoɹ ʇɥǝ pɐʎ ʍɥǝu ʎon ƃᴉʌǝ ᴉu ʇo ɯǝ’

Mɥǝu ʎon sʇod ɥᴉpᴉuƃ ɟɹoɯ ʍɥo ʎon ɹǝɐllʎ ɐɹǝ’

Mɥǝu ʎon ɐɔʞuoʍlǝpƃǝ ɯǝ’

So lᴉǝ ʇo ʎonɹsǝlɟ’

┴ɥᴉuʞ ɯǝ qnʇ ɐ pɹǝɐɯ’

┴ɥᴉuʞ ɯǝ qnʇ ʎonɹ slǝǝd pǝdɹᴉʌǝp ɯᴉup dlɐʎᴉuƃ ʇɹᴉɔʞs ou ʎon’

Ⅎoɹ ʍɥǝu ʎon ɟᴉuɐllʎ ɹǝɐlᴉsǝ ʇɥǝ ʇɹnʇɥ’

Mɥǝu ʎon ɟᴉuɐllʎ odǝu ʎonɹs ǝʎǝs ʇo ʇɥǝ lɐup ʇɥɐʇ ᴉs lɐᴉp onʇ qǝɟoɹǝ ʎon’

Iʇ ʍᴉll qǝ ʇoo lɐʇǝ’

Ⅎoɹ ʍɥǝu ʇɥɐʇ ʇᴉɯǝ ɔoɯǝs ɟɐʇɥǝɹ’

I ʍᴉll ɥɐʌǝ ʍou¡

I Tried To Warn Them All Before Its Words Were Written – Wrapped In Words

Scattered wisdom escapes me,

Sinister thoughts plague my mind,

The great deceiver,

The wicked sin,

The forgotten son,

A darkness brought upon us all by one,

A story so simple,

A lie told in two folds of time,

Gather my victims,

Tell them who live and dies,

Suffocate their light with my other,

Allow me a moment,

Allow its words in,

And share your fear…..

A Sequence Of Sanity Unfolding Was My Curse – Wrapped In Words

Fingernails scratching inside my head,

A million voices screaming,

My sanity slipping,

A vision of madness have I become,

Slowly drowning in my own self,

A reimagined image,

A newly drawn form,

A monster standing over me,

A boy at my feet,

The man I thought I was lost between the cries of my others,

Can you feel my words betraying us all?

Can you see the sky splitting open as my ending is rewritten again…