My Words Are Lost In A Sea Of Insipid Madness – Wrapped In Words

A grand design within a fickle plan,

While blood flows beneath me that’s not mine,

During a moment in time that was not mine to choose,

For you pushed the beast that hides inside of me,

The twisted mess of my own creation,

So cry where ever you’ve ended up,

Mourn whoever you could’ve been,

For now your name escapes me,

Although eyes don’t deceive me,

I see shadows around me,

As the world swallows down,

A fickle plan lost within a grander design,

Words twisted into weapons,

Deception given into delight,

I never saw the intention even though I indented the fight,

Flaccid impurities recognised me as its saviour,

And I flayed the flesh from my own self in the gratification of depravity…

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