Sickness Of The Wicked Princess – Wrapped In Words

Disemboweled catchphrases hanging from my tongue, stripped of authenticity, stripped of rightful fun, we wickedly weave frustrations through the needle’s eye, when all we have before us is a guarantee to die, sophisticated deceptions, lies painted as the truth, we don’t even see our darkness, until it’s displayed before our eyes..

Winter Is Not To Be Mistaken For Tomorrows Yesterday- Wrapped In Words

Sip from the cup that made the cinder dance upon the skyline of tomorrows unending touch, for within the glory of what can be is the desperation of what we need, searching for that impossible something we cannot have or see, yet always yearning for its completeness even when we don’t understand what it is,…

When The Plastic Is Torn And The Mould Grows – Wrapped In Words

Thrusting vertical compressions against a stone slab made of forgotten sources,  veracious sicknesses wanted for your skeptical monsoon, a blistering storm of nothingness taken from within your bitterness, while I gave you something worthy to say, I took away everything else you ever needed, I submerged everything you ever were in a foothill of mud,…

Motions Within Windows Reflection – Wrapped In Words

Symbiosis of pain, hand in hand it came, like a machine of man-made design, it thrusts, it purges all I am inside, disease, decay, seas of rotting flesh, as I fall apart, cleanse me, let me be free, let me rid myself of this, let me….

Seething Wickedness Seeping From Within – Wrapped In Words

Considering the focus of denial, we stepped forward, blood running down our faces, chemicals burning our flesh, we were becoming, we were ascending, destiny was within our grasp, like a golden ring, promised from the gods,  then the darkness soaked in to the everything around us, but in the end it wasn’t the darkness that…