Fill Me With Contempt – FOWC with Fandango Microfiction Short Story

Fill Me With Contempt

He grips the lectern with malice, digging his clawed nails into the woods flesh as if it were putty. “The doctrine is set, and the process is simple. We are, and they are not. They do not deserve, but we do. The ectopic pregnancy that birthed us onto the mortal realm is the lord and master of all that is before us not the adjacent profanity that is set before us by those that see fit to call themselves our masters. WE will rise up TOGETHER, and bring the barbaric villains that foster their hate, to JUSTICE!” he bellows enthusiastically as he launches an earth shattering thump into the lectern’s top, causing it to topple forward. He thrusts breath after exaggerated breath out his nose, as he stares out into the empty hall.

Suddenly a slow melodic clapping interrupts the silence, as a quaintly dressed man steps out of the shadows with a wry smile upon his lips. “Simply breathtaking Walter, it’s just a pity that no one made it to you little shindig to witness it.”

Walter bears his teeth and lets out a deep growl from somewhere in his stomach. “It was a PRACTICE run, simpleton!” he seethes through saliva drenched lips.

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