Microfiction Short Story

Taking A Drive To The City – FOWC with Fandango Microfiction Short Story

Taking A Drive To The City

The bustling noises of the world around him fade away while he closes his eyes, and then the darkness sucks him in as if he was going down a waterslide. Flashing lights explode around him as his ride picks up speed, and he continues to rush ever forward while the steely magnetic vibrations of a guitar followed by a solid drumbeat begin the building blocks for Guns N’ Roses, Paradise City. And as Axle’s vocals tear through the darkness around him a new world is presented full of colour and wonder. A smile slowly grows across his lips as the roller coaster like contraption that he finds himself strapped into rips downward at a speed unlike any other he has experienced.

He thrusts his head back and forth, and begins tapping his feet to the solid beat. “TAKE ME HOME!” he screams with uncontrollable excitement in unison with Axel, and then the world is encompassed in darkness as the sounds of guitar strings snapping and mylar drumheads tearing replace the musical journey he was on.

“Tut-tut-tut Mister Anderson, it seems something has gone awry with your forever after,” a deep voice purrs in his ear, as he feels cold clammy hands grip him.


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