Trigger Fingers – FOWC with Fandango Microfiction Short Story

Trigger Fingers

The ball falls from his hand and hits the ground with a disembodied thud, bringing all eyes upon them. At first they stare without recognition of what they are staring at, as processes fall and fumble within their decaying minds, then suddenly they surge forward as one.

Corey casts a final fevered glance at Sally and Paul as he is swallowed by the horde. Without thought or focus she lets out a muffled cry as they tear Corey limb from limb, feasting on him wildly. Then once more the pack freeze, and eyes shoot across towards her. Tears cascade down her cheeks as a sea of dead eyes stare at the petrified Sally. Paul proudly steps forward, taking the stance of a rock and roll guitarist who is in the mists of playing a powerful solo and raises a gatling gun towards the frozen field of decaying humanoids. Then with a smarmy smile he gives Sally a wink and tightens his finger around the trigger, only to find nothing happening.


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