Wisdom Of The Uneducated – FOWC with Fandango Microfiction Short Story

Wisdom Of The Uneducated

He looks at the two of them with uneasy eyes before smiling broadly and leaning back in his makeshift chain. “SEE! SEE!” he chuckles broadly as he points at Charles with a wink and a nod of the head. “I KNEW you would be the one to take the miniscule hint that I offered this rotten world and run with it. I knew that what I had would mean something to someone else who could benefit from my WORLD knowledge. I shone brightly in a world painted in dull colours. I strived when other gave up. And now that there is a perchance for me to share what I have learnt, I will not shy away. I will grip everything with my uneducated hands and spin your wheat into gold.” he roars with overflowing excitement, while they stare at him in confused wonder.

“Y-Y-You’re ch-choosing him o-over me?” Lisa gasps. With wide eyes and a higher brow she looks across at the bemused Charles and then back to Klint. “Y-You can’t SERIOUSLY think this fool is capable of following in YOUR footstep’s!”

The smile fades from Klint’s lips and he looks at her with a perplexed stare. “D-D-Did I stutter?”

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