We See It Be – FOWC with Fandango Microfiction Short Story

We See It Be

Declan drops the blade and stares quietly towards Alex as the red stain continues to grow across his once brightly coloured shirt like a child playing hide and seek, peeking out every few moments to see where everyone is. Alex looks at his brother with an ever-widening gaze, as if words were somehow stuck within his throat.

“Degrading, isn’t it?” Declan seethes through upturned lips, pushing his hate ever forward.

“Y-Y-You d-didn’t need to d….” But his words are cut away as Declan lunges forward and pins Alex against the blood drenched cobble stones that make up the floor beneath him.

“I NEEDED TO DO EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING! IF I HAD MORE TIME, I WOULD’VE DONE MORE! I WOULD’VE KILLED MORE! BUT TIME IS NOT MINE TO WIELD!” he roars, as tears stream down his face, as he continues to stare towards his brother.

Declan clenches his teeth tightly and bares them proudly, then turns his envious eyes towards Alex’s brother who presses himself tightly into the corner of the room, petrified.


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