Microfiction Short Story

The Taxman – FOWC with Fandango Microfiction Short Story

The Taxman

“The taxman started it, so I finished it. There isn’t any more to the story.” Shawn says proudly, crossing his arms before him, and nodding his head in recognition of his own words.

Keith rolls his eyes and lets out a stuttered sigh as he leans forward and begins taping the desk with his index finger. “The TAXMAN is not a supervillain and you’re not a superhero! So why don’t you just answer the god damn question.”

“THE TAXMAN’S NOT A SUPERVILLAIN!” Shawn bellows with gusto as he leaps to his feet and grips Keith’s hand and stares fiercely into Keith’s eyes. “THE TAXMAN IS THE VILEST VILLAIN THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN, AND I, I AM IT’S SAVIOUR!” he hisses through tightly clenched teeth as he slams Keith’s still outstretched index finger into the desk, snapping it in two as it slaps the desk.


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