Storm Ridden – FFFC with Fandango Microfiction Short Story

The story you’ll find at the base of this post is based on an idea taken from Leonid Afremov at DeviantArt painting shown below, that was shared as a flash fiction challenge by Fandango.


Storm Ridden

Luca bares his teeth and snarls a deep growl that you would expect a dog thrice his size to elicit, while his master Sam grips his lead tightly. “C-Calm down boy, n-no ones going t-to hurt anyone,” she stammers through clenched teeth.

Carlos slaps Paddy’s chest and lets out a boisterous laugh, his pox scared face painted with several emotions all at once. “Y-Y-Yeah BOY, no ones gonna get hurt!” Carlos playfully sings, as he slaps Paddy’s chest once more. “Unless you DON’T calm the FUCK DOWN! Otherwise something might get out of control, and a lot of HURTING is gonna happen!”

Luca’s lips peel back to display several extra rows of teeth as a bemused smile cascades across Sam’s lips, while Carlos and Paddy stare on in Horror.

“Dear children, I think you’ve upset my hound.” Sam sneers gleefully as the wind begins to blow with a renewed aggression, knocking both Carlos and Paddy to the ground.


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