It Was Only As I Drove The Nails Into My Palms Did I Realise How Impossible My Task Was – Wrapped In Words

Stars begin to burn the closer it comes being the only one left inside this broken shell,

My habitual self loathing designed itself into something almost real,

A smile wider than the rays of the dawning sun,

It’s eyes like pools of oil and as vast as a billion galaxies or more,

It’s immeasurable size towers over everything I ever was of could have been,

The beast,

My darkness,

My shadow,

My child,

My self,

Don’t you hear it?

In the silence,

Over and over it says it,

Over and over again,


Can’t you hear it?

It’s calling to you,

But don’t answer,

Don’t ask its name,

For once you hear it,

You’ll never be free…..

Of The Roundhead!

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