The Ghost Of Those Who Have Yet To Die – Wrapped In Words

Madness carves it’s crooked name across my life,

Touching everything I’ve ever been,

Everyone I never could be,

The lies I wished were me,

Sadness calls in the darkness while I sleep,

Promising me a place to curl up and be complete,

It promises me everything,

It promises me safety beneath my skin,

Faltering and falling beneath my own self,

A ruling hand of insanity owned by no other,

A face underneath my own that I don’t know,

A paranoia that won’t quit,

An emptiness that can’t be filled,

Another me,




It promises me everything I’ve ever wanted,

It shows me the me I pretend to be,

It shows me the never was,

The never will be,

The man in the mirror who’s not me..

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