Day 49 – Get Away – Short Story

He stares into her fear filled eyes and feels the pain stab into his chest, he grips tightly around her wrists as she dangles over the edge, the fall would definitely kill her, but holding on to her, is killing him. The rocky edge digs into his chest some more as he tries desperately to pull her up, but the pain, the weight, it’s all too much, he clenches his teeth together and pulls, but it only causes more strain on his should. He tries to force his other hand underneath him and use it to forces himself up of the ground, but a sharp pain rips though his elbow and he screams in pain.

“Don’t let go!” She screams at him, the panic in her voice scratching his very soul.

“I-I-I’m trying, but, I can’t hold on much longer, unhook the backpack for god’s sake and try and pull yourself up, the ground is, it’s digging into me,” he stammers.

“I can’t reach it, I can’t, oh fuck Trevor, don’t let me fall, please, don’t let me fall!” She screams back.

“For fuck sake Sharon, you’ve got to try, I can’t hold on forever.”

She tries to pull herself up, but the wriggling causes her to slip further through his hands, and he just manages to grip her hand in time, and there they sit, gripping each other’s hands tightly as Tervor tries in vain again to pull her up from the cliff face, but he is exhausted, and the rocks and sticks continues to dig into him. He stares into her eyes again, and she can tell from the look on his face, what is going through his mind.

“I love you,” she says as she slips from his fingers and plummets towards the ground, he screams in anger and pain as he watches as she disappears into the darkness of the fog below. For an hour of more he lies there, crying, too exhausted to get it his feet, to broken to stand, but finally, he forces himself up and looks of the edge, into the valley below and begins the long trek down towards where she fell. It takes him almost five hours to finally get into the valley, and another two to fight his way towards where she would’ve landed, but her body is nowhere to be found, he searches for another hour before he’s finally too excused to continue and he sets up a small camp so he can rest.

He sits there staring into the small fire wondering how this journey they had planned for two weeks ago could end in such tragedy, Sharon, she was so excited the day they started their trek into the valley, and worse yet, for him, she had the only satellite phone in her pack and now, Trevor, finds himself not only alone, but hundreds of miles off course. They had checked their itinerary in with the local station, because, that’s what you do if you don’t want to end up lost and with no hope, and now, Trevor was just that. He jerked up suddenly as he could hear movement from out in the dense forest beyond his makeshift camp, something moving though the bushes, and he slowly reaches for his rifle as his heart picks up its pace, he sees one set of red, glowing eyes at first, within the trees and then another and another, until he’s lost count and then they all disappear and slowly, something moves from the darkness, towards him, and a tear runs downs his face as he makes out Sharon’s broken, lifeless corps stumbling towards him, her backpack still hooked over her shoulders, he raises the rife toward her and fires.

“Let’s escape,” she said, “Let’s run away from the world, from them, and forget they exist, forget one day we’ll be food for the zombies.”



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