Daily Prompt Short Story

Day 100 Daily Prompt – Eyes – Short Story

I feel it run across my face, soaking into my skin, like a sponge, the thick, heavy, sticky substance soon engulfs me completely. I struggle for a moment, making one last effort to free myself from its clutches, but soon the blackness of the nothingness swallows me, and I am alone in the darkness. I don’t know how long I laid there before the darkness was torn away and replaced by a blinding light. I tried to shield my eyes from it, but my arms wouldn’t move, I’m more or less paralysed, except for my eyes. Slowly, over time, I see shapes, movement, and then a figure walks towards me, their smile is the first thing I see, they say words, but I don’t understand any of them, they’re muffled behind a wall of silence, and then it is gone and sound rips into my ears.

“Mister Jones? Can you hear me now?” She says.

My mouth is dry and I try to swallow, but it feels like someone has poured concrete down my throat and all I can do it make a raspy noise that sounds more like a hiss than words.

“I bet you’re a bit thirsty, this should help,” she says, I feel something touch my lips. “Now, nice and slowly, suck on the straw,” I close my lips and suck, I feel the liquid, the glorious, wet, cold liquid run down my throat, and I suck  harder. Too hard, I splutter and cough, she pulls the straw from my mouth and I gasp and wheeze some more. “Slowly Mister Jones.”

“W-W-Where am I?” I finally manage to say, my voice sounds rough, gravelly.

“Saint Mary’s.”

“H-How long?”

“Have you been here you mean?” I nod, “Three weeks, police received a call out to Macy’s Arcade and you were found unconscious and brought here, do you remember what happened?”

“No, the last thing I remember is….” To be honest, I remembered exactly what happened, and I know she knew more than she was letting on, I could tell in her voice she wasn’t just your everyday nurse, she was something else, a cop maybe, or worse. “I-I-I was heading home after working the late shift and, and that’s all I remember before waking up in here, what happened to me?”

“I don’t know all the details, but all I know is you weren’t the only one brought in, you were just the the only one we managed to save.”

“Oh my god, I wasn’t the only one?”

“No, there was another three people brought in from the same location, but there was nothing we could do for any of them, they were all gone, you were lucky.”

“Yeah, by the sounds of it.”

“Anyway, I’m sure you want some rest, Detective Fitzgibbons  will be in later to ask you a few questions in relation to the night you were found, so just try to relax and get some rest, whatever happened that night should come back to you in time,” she says, the smile she gives me is fake, way fake, just like her nurse shtick, and her eyes, something familiar, I force as smile and lean back in the bed and half close my eyes as she awkwardly leaves the room, and softly shuts the door. I wait for a few minutes, just to be safe and force myself up from the bed. The pain is fucking terrible, I collapse to the floor in a heap, cables and tubes attached to various, areas, and I mean various, rip free and I do everything I can to stop myself from screaming. After a short breather, and by that I mean five minutes of crying like a baby I force myself to my wobbly feet, I look around the room and spot a supply cupboard that I slowly make my way towards, my mouth drops when I pull the door open, in the other side of the door is nothing, just empty space. ‘What the fuck?’

“I really wish you hadn’t done that,” she says, I turn quickly.

“What the fuck is going on? Who the fuck are you? And don’t give me shit about you being some nurse, because you’re not, so what the fuck?” I take a step towards her and the bitch smiles, my mouth drops open again as she changes right before my eyes, and I know straight away, what the fuck is going on before she even opens her mouth. Because the last thing I remember before the blackness soaked me up, was putting a bullet in the bitches head.

“Hello Christopher, I’m afraid the impression you’ve been given about your survival was grossly misleading.”



This is for today’s Daily Prompt

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Keeping the reader out of the loop allows the story to unfold in real time, if I busted too much back information on your skull it would lose its edge and would become over done. On another note, I’ve never heard of creepy pasta before, now, I’ve become a junky….

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