Short Story

Day 100 – Fool’s Gold – Short Story

He digs the knife into the table and looks over into the three scared young men’s pale, frozen faces and laughs. “You boys want to be looking a lot braver if you really be here to send me down to ground like you intend to.”

“W-W-We came here t-to t-t-talk,” one of the men says.

“Don’t be making me laugh, we all know why you’re here, so don’t try and act all high and mighty, I killed your daddies twenty five years ago, and now I’m back, and you three have tracked me down, so it’s only vengeance you could be wanting, nothing more. If this was to be all proper and above board, the cops would be here, but they’re not, so this is vengeance you’re after, let’s not mince words children, I’m old and have found that taking the time to lie and deceive is not the way life should be lived, it should be fast, truthful and enjoyed to all its excesses.”

“O-O-Okay old man!” one of them yells out as he pulls a revolver from his jacket and holds it nervously towards the old man, the gun shaking in his hand, but the old man just laughs. “What’s so funny you old buzzard? We’re here to pay you back for what you did to our dad’s, we’re here to send you back to whatever hole you crawled out of, aren’t you scared?”

“Boy, I was scared a long time ago, once, but I learnt something, something that has kept me warm, deep, down, warm to me very soul. Do you want to know what it is?”

The young man fires away, empting the revolver into the old man who crashes to the floor in a heap, he spits on the body and nervously laughs to the others. “W-W-We did it,” he says, he notices the other two’s eyes widen and all the blood drain out of their faces, and then he feels a warm, putrid breath on the back of his neck and hears the old man’s cackling laugh.

“See boy, if you had let me finish you would have heard my tale, but now,” he says as his hand bursts through the mans chest, his heart in the old mans hand. “Now, you’re just going to join all me other victims in the pit.” The other two turn to run, screaming in fear but the door won’t budge, they bang and they kick, they scream and they cry, and all the while the old man cackles gleefully. “You boys were brave to come here alone, not knowing what you were facing, any amount of evil existing in this world, sometimes you just manage to avoid it, but you see, your vengeance, it sent you into the lure of the spider, like a fly. Me, I’m old, have been for years, decades, centuries, and I’ve been killing kin of kin of kin, always coming back to the roost where me been before, years later o’course, decades. It’s like you are with your favourite snack food joint, you kids love all them fast foods don’t you? Well, so do I, and I can’t help but come back for a good old snack at a place where I know a good meal will be waiting. I lead you boys to me, I knew what you would be wanting and I laid the breadcrumbs, you each have your own families, so the blood will continue, and in twenty or thirty years, I’ll come back, and I’ll snack on them,” he says with a cackle as the two young men look at each other and then slowly, nervously turn their heads around towards the old man, as he stands there licking the blood off his bony, clawed hand, and he smile’s a toothy smile as he licks his lips with a snake like tongue. “Who’s next?” he says.




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