Day 104 Daily Prompt – Learning – Short Story

Ivan drops to his knees and the knife falls to the ground, blood spills from his side, cascading down his leg, quickly forming a growing puddle on the ground beneath him. He forces himself to look up, into her eyes as his face screws up with anger. Her eyes dance devilishly in the candle light, like the women from his local strip joint do every night. She smiles and licks her tongue across her ruby red lips, flicking it like a scorpion does its tail.

“Does it hurt Ivan, does it remind you of all the good times we shared when I was younger?” She says, sarcasm oozes from her words likes sharp slaps across the face, he sucks a breath in and lets out a hiss from his clenched teeth.

“Fuck you Lilly, fuck you and the piece of shit who birthed you.”

She drives a solid right punch to his face, sending him crashing to the floor, in seconds she has her knee jammed in his throat as she pulls his head back by his hair.

“Don’t you fucking ever,” she says as she drives another punch to his head. “And I mean ever say anything about my mother again, you shit stain! She may not have been there, but when she was, she made sure I was looked after, not like you!”

“Please, Lilly, enough,” a voice says from behind her, she releases her grip on his hair and Ivan crashes into the ground.

“What are you doing here? Father still doesn’t trust me?” she says as she quickly gets to her feet and turns to face a large, brute of a man who steps out of the shadows, his eyes lost somewhere beneath all his muscle, dirt and hair.

“I’m just here as an observer Lilly, there is no need to spit towards me with your temper little flower. I stayed your hand because Ivan may still hold the answers you seek, killing him now, may remove your chances of ever learning what he knows about who you…”

“F-F-Fuck you Salick, bitch might as well kill me, because Baltimal will if she doesn’t, or is that why your here, to do his dirty work?” Ivan interrupts as he wearily pulls himself to his knees, spitting out a mouth full of blood on to the ground and lets out a grimace of pain as he settles back into a sitting position, casting a vicious looks towards Salick as he does.

“If I wanted you dead, I would’ve let her do it.”

“She was never going to do it, we both know that.”

“Don’t speak like I’m not here in the same room as you both!” She screams.

“Trust me sweetheart, with a fine body like that, no one is forgetting where you are, but you’ve got to understand, right now, the adults are talking, so…” she smashes him across the face with a powerful right and once more he crashes to the ground, quickly she spins around to face Salick, tightly clenching her fists.

“Is this how it’s going to play out?”

“Lilly, this is not what needs to be done, he holds the answers you seek, let us sit, talk with Ivan, find them toget…”

“Why?” she interrupts.

“Why what?”

“Why do you want me to know what secrets he holds? And why are you so intent on keeping me from doing what I came here to do?”

“I don’t understand little flower, I only think of you, I only want to help.”

Ivan starts laughing on the ground, as he rolls onto his back, his laughter grows louder, mildly mixed with a cough, here and there, they both turn, and look down on him in wonder.

“What’s so funny?” She asks.

“I-I-I-I think your puppy dog has something of his own to show you,” he says, tears running down his face, as his laughter continues to get louder, and they both uncomfortably look at each other…



This is for today’s Daily Prompt

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