Day 104 – Markings – YouChallenge Short Story

Every day for the last six months she’s been there, well okay, not every day. Actually I’ve already fucked this up, and it’s ruining my awesome introduction I had planned out in my head. So let me start again, every day for the last six months, whenever I’ve been on the U-Twenty-Six from Geelong to Melbourne, which by the way is almost every day, she’s been there, in the same seat, not doing anything but starring off into space, looking sad most of the time, frightened other times, but she’s always there. I wouldn’t say she not pretty, but she’s not ugly, I mean if she smiled at me I’d smile back for sure, so I guess she’s pretty enough. Anyway, when I got off the train two days ago, in Melbourne, I saw her as usual, she was dressed in the same business suit she always wore, regardless of the day or time, and something happened when I got off, for the first real time, ever, I think, I looked back, directly at her, and she looked up and saw me looking at her, and she did the craziest thing, she leapt up and banged against the door like a woman possessed as the train flew off, everyone around her acted as though she wasn’t there, but I saw her. It was weird, totally, absolutely, insanely, weird. And it was going to get weirder, you see, as I walked to the office, I stopped to get some breakfast, as I always do, today was a slow one for the small take away store as the bacon and egg muffin felt like it was at least two hours old and a large cup of coffee taste like it was not just burnt but cremated. Anyway as I was trying not to choke on the stale muffin I noticed the flyer on the pole outside the shop, it was a picture of this woman, and it had big letter above it that said ‘MISSING.’ I recognised the woman from the flyer immediately and dropped my fucking coffee on the floor, no great loss really. And then I panicked and ran out of the shop, to the pole and ripped the flyer down. From what I could gather eight months ago, Melissa Wong, the woman I had been seeing on the train for the last six months, left for work as she always did, catching the morning train from Geelong to Southern Cross station in Melbourne, and just disappeared, she never showed up for work, never used her pass card to leave the station, she just vanished into thin air. There was a number on the bottom of the flyer, and against my better judgment, I called and spoke to her sister, Anne-May and explained what I knew, she grew quite the more I explained to her about how I had seen her sister every time I was on the train and then she agreed to meet me, at the station, that night, and I went off to work, although all I could think about all day was Melissa Wong, and what she was doing on the train.

When I first saw her I was gob smacked, turned out Melissa and Anne-May were identical twins, which made it very bizarre as I had spent most of the day thinking about Melissa. We chatted while we waited for the train, mostly small talk, nothing of any importance, but we did find out that we had a lot of things in common, hell we even had a laugh together at one stage, and then, right on time, the train arrived, half empty as normal and a shit load of people wanting to get on. We stepped, sorry, we were rushed through the doors and there she sat, sad and looking at the ground, as always, and for the second time, since I had started seeing her, she looked up and I saw a tear run down her face and she smiled and so did her sister, she had finally been found, and then a beautiful white light engulfed the whole train, and I was left with a feeling of total happiness, as were the other passengers and for the remainder of the ride home Anne-May and I talked, about everything and anything and made plans to see each other again. It seemed the unfortunate fate of her sister brought us together, and for some reason we both knew somehow, it was meant to be. The hunt still continues for her body and whoever purported the crime, but at least I know, her soul is at rest.



The challenge was, ‘lonely girl on the subway.’


4 thoughts on “Day 104 – Markings – YouChallenge Short Story

      1. Many people just don’t want to be noticed: no eye contact, no body language, no nothing. It’s a long time since I “commuted” in a big city (Toronto /Montreal), but I do remember all those vacant eyes and faces.

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