Short Story

Day 114 – Bobby Dazzler – Short Story

“How many times have I told you, not to get involved in shit that’s got nothing to do with you!” He yells at the young man, who cowers away. “Don’t just stand there like a fool boy, answer the question?”

“Too many time,” he says softly.

“Do you want to speak up so we can all hear you Bobby?” He yells as he throws his hands up in the air, making a circle towards the three half naked girls who stand in the office with them.

“Too many times,” Bobby yells out.

“So tell me why you keep poking your nose in on things that don’t concern you? Can you tell me that?”

He stands there silent again.

“Talk to me Bobby, when I ask you a question, you answer, and don’t you make me repeat myself again or I’ll kick your arse!”

“Because it’s wrong.”

“Wrong? Now tell me what’s so god damn wrong about all of this?”

“Everything, you’re a worthless piece of shit.”

“Say what? You better watch your god damn mouth boy or I’ll shut it up for good, now you keep your nose out of my shit, you go back and do your job, or I’ll do more than fire your arse, I’ll kick it into next week,” he says as he points towards the door.


“Did you just say no to me? Do you think you’re something special, do you think a punk arse bitch like you can teach me a few lessons?”

“If you don’t stop hitting on the girls I will, they come here to work just like the rest of us, not to be treated like they’re nothing but meat and to fear for their jobs if they don’t do what you ask them to do!”

“Son, I’m the boss, if I want something done, I tell someone to do it, if they don’t do it then they don’t have a job, simple as shit, now you get your arse out of my office, out of my bar and you don’t fucking come back, you understand?”

“No,” he says again.

“You little fucking shit!” He yells as he charges towards Bobby and throws a powerful left hook, he easily out manoeuvres the older man and lays three hard punches up into his ribs, sending the man stumbling across the room. “Fucking punk,” he says through gritted teeth as he charges again, this time swinging multiple punches, left and right, but they all fail to connect, Bobby drives two more into his ribs and a harsh uppercut into his chin, sending him stumbling backwards again, this time though, he rushes forward and continues to throw lefts and rights until the man crashes to the ground, bloody and beaten, one of the girls rushes in front of Bobby and holds her hands up in the air.

“Bobby that’s enough, you’ve proved your point,” she yells.

He spits at the old man and threatens to throw another punch and he cowers away.

“Just like I thought, who’s the punk arsed bitch now? Treat your girls better or I’ll be back you old fuck, I promise you that, just once more, and I hear about it and I’ll knock you down to the ground,” he says as he storms out of the office, the man uneasily gets to his feet and pushes the girl away.

“I don’t need your fucking help,” he growls. “Why don’t you all get the fuck out of my office and get back to work before I beat your..” He doesn’t have a chance to finish his sentence as a fist collides with his face and he crashed to the floor.

“I gave you fair warning, old man.”



2 replies on “Day 114 – Bobby Dazzler – Short Story”

Stellar! I absolutely love this one! I felt Bobby’s anger and rage and could see his fluid motions as he dodged each blow and counter struck his own. Like a good boxing match. I could feel the impact of the blows Bobby made on the Old Man. I love how at the end he comes back and gives the old man once more.

I HATE pieces of shit who beat and abuse women, so this in some ways is therapeutic to the things I see too often around the neighborhood. Thanks! I really loved this story!

Cheers! ^_^

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Thanks, I really liked Bobby as an idea, it’s more of a true reality, a true horror, than what I normally write. So, I wasn’t sure the story worked, I don’t know if it had too much lost inside itself, but, from your comments, it worked, I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

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