Day 114 – Stench – 50 Word Story

His eyes, wide with fright, watch its distorted, unnatural movements as it steps closer, and closer towards him. His nostrils burn, as its stench wafts into his face, he feels the contents of his stomach surge from within and out onto the floor, as the beast now stands before him.


Go HERE for the 50 Word Story Expanded version of this story, or, if you’re feeling game, try to extend it yourself…..

8 thoughts on “Day 114 – Stench – 50 Word Story

    1. Thanks so much 👍 it was all about the smell, the rotting, the decay, and when it rips into your nostrils and you know, that death is only a few short moments away. I liked this whole moment in time, it was at a point when it all mattered to him, life, it was his and then the fear it was going to be over.

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      1. Thank you for sharing insight into your work. I love seeing what writers are thinking when they create something. It is fun to discuss such things.

        A glimpse behind the scenes is always fun indeed!

        Cheers! ^_^

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      2. I love talking about this sort of stuff, I have an artist friend, and everything we start talking both of us always leave the discussion with some new idea that we tackle. These 50 word stories are a challenge but to make it even more fun, I use that word loosely, I gave myself five minutes to write and post each one. All because the first flowed so easy, I hate myself sometimes 😂

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      3. Haha! Xp Yeah, that is quite the time crunch but sounds like a fun challenge. 🙂 Talking with other artists always brings about new ideas in my opinion.

        Even more so when you are friends as those conversations are often even deeper than with strangers. Still, new ideas come from all kinds, and every soul we meet (love them or hate them) teaches us something.

        Cheers! ^_^

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      4. Haha, I’m going to challenge myself to expand each story into at least a 500 word short, with three hours to do all six, so, if I use the time right, the ones that need more work can get it, and the ones that are super formed in my head will take less. Well, I hope 👍 and its so true, inspiration can be dragged from anyone one, regardless of your feelings towards then.

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