While I slept,

while I dreamed,

the beast it did visit me,

it showed me things,

I wished not to see,

a river of blood,

a valley of darkness,

buried within was my sin,

too late did I cry,

for I was already gone,

the beast has my seedling,

the beast has my soul,

so run dear reader,

keep far away,

because it is coming,

the beast,

is here to stay.

4 thoughts on “11

    1. Thanks, a talent, I kept hidden? Or really, I should blame it on the many talented people I follow, you of course, being one, who slap so much emotion, and depth into what they do, that, somehow, it seeped into part of me, and escaped through the cracks. I love trying something different, and this, well, I kinda like this. Thanks again 🙂

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