Day 162 – Alliances – 50 Word Story

“Can we really trust him? He’s like, our greatest enemy.” She says.

“I know, but the very world threatens to shatter itself into a million pieces, I don’t see that we really have any other choice.”

They look over to him, as he sits there, grinning proudly at them both.


You can read the 50 Word Story Extended version HERE, or, if you’re feeling game, try to extend it yourself like The Grateful Dead – The Voice of the Mortals did HERE.

11 thoughts on “Day 162 – Alliances – 50 Word Story

  1. I admire your ability to write a story in 50 words or less. The shortest story I’ve written (which I put online yesterday) is 616 words long. I have a tough time telling what I feel is a complete story with a lesser word count and in fact, most of my short stories are around 1200 to 1500 words long.

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    1. Thanks so much, I try to make the 50 word stories as complete as I can, but, I’m totally with you on the lengths. Because, I know deep down, the 50 word stories are missing vital pieces of their journey, leaving the reader to fill in those pieces of the puzzle that should be controlled by me, which is ultimately why I started expanding the shorts. As, I find the expanded versions more satisfying, more complete, in my head, not just a shadow of a story, pretending to be complete.


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