Blood drips,


from the rips in my skin,

I know you see them,

I know you can taste it,

the thickness,

the warmth,

it empties,

but yet,

my heart still beats,

like a straw in an empty cup,

sucking up the last few drops,

and then,

no more,


but for me,

it’s not the end,

it’s only,

the beginning,

of the end,

for my story still,

has one last chapter to be written.

11 thoughts on “5

    1. Thanks, snippets of my mind spewing forth some sort of insanity, four, months of constantly rewriting a story, while at the same time keeping myself aligned with the blog and the experimenting with ideas, it all, has to flow somewhere, and these poems have grasped that wayward vein and become something more, than the preludes ever were. Thank you again, your opinion is humbling, knowing that you rock the page everyday with engrossing pieces far superior to this 👍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m appreciative of the compliment but I assure you, my work isn’t all that grand lol.

        I quite love your work and reading others. There are quite a few talented souls here on WP. Also, thank you for the glimpse into your work and process. I love stuff like that. ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I think we all like to be modest, when in reality, we love our work more than anyone else could ever, but we like to pretend, that we don’t think it’s the fucking bomb, because, you know, I think I’m really kicking goals, and you, you should be thinking the same thing about your works as well. Normally you always make me go, wow, but since 100, you’ve been kick mother fucking, solid arsed goals each and every time:)

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      3. Thanks! This made me smile more than it should lol. I appreciate that you appreciate what I’ve written. I am actually hanging on the edge as of late. I mean, the Clocktower is really taking it out of me.

        It’s almost over now though. Kind of crazy. I’m not sure what is going to happen next October, but after this one is through (don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed writing it) I am actually really looking forward to going back to the old way I did Entry’s lol.

        I love writing series, but this has been intense for me to write. Xp

        I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from on that though. ^_^

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      4. Sometimes, when we are at our best, we are, at our worst, the struggle to meet the ends that we determine ourselves to meet, is, insane, more than any other person can, but once its over, and you look back, you always go, yeah, I smashed that. Which, you are, so, if you didn’t know it, you do know, you’re smashing shit up and taking names, forever hail the Clocktower!

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