My Journey So Far…

A little over eight months ago I set about breaking the frustration I was feeling of working on, what one day, I hope, will be a completed multi book story, I’ve been working on for quite a few years. I did this by writing short stories and sending them to various publishers throughout the world, getting ideas out of my head, and not into my books. One story I wrote was called the Roundhead, it was about a call centre employee who was presented with a call, from a woman, whose family had been slaughtered by the title character, who stemmed from an old urban legend used to terrify little kiddies. The story was violent, quick and what I thought, bloody decent. Sadly it didn’t get picked up, but, by the time I found out, I had begun this journey, and I thought, why not rework it and post it on the blog. What took place after that was something crazy, insane, and, addictive. A good friend of mine, Garry Williams, an amazing artist, fuled my fire and together we created not only a story that plays with the very fabric of what we know, but with reality itself, as the Roundhead became my misguided muse, trying to steer me towards the ending it wanted. The original story, in part survived, but the world around it, exploded into something, I still am not fully at peace with. I’m proud to share this story with you over the next few days, along with Garry’s artwork, he captured so much of this world and its characters, The Roundhead owes its image to that man, and it’s well aware of that, as you will soon find out. So, all that’s really left to say is, mind the first step, it’s a killer.
Matt aka Marty 👍

3 Replies to “My Journey So Far…”

  1. Truely kind words my friend. It has been a crazy, inspiring journey that started with that first Roundhead short all those months ago. Inspiration goes both ways and it is thanks to this man and the beautifully vivid characters and worlds he creates, that I was inspired to create again as a serous artist / illustrator. His insane work ethic of daily posts was also the genesis for my own daily doodles 😄. And now the time has arrived, I hope everyone enjoys the ride as much as we have. 😉

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