Day 173 – A Glimpse, Into Tomorrow – 50 Word Story

He sits on the bland, uncomfortable cot, his fingers move, as if he’s playing an invisible piano. Then, he stops, and Marty slowly turns, his eyes, sewn shut, his mouth scarred, torn, from cheek to cheek. “We didn’t stop it, the bea….!” The prison door slams shut, cutting him off.

9 Replies to “Day 173 – A Glimpse, Into Tomorrow – 50 Word Story”

      1. The fun of it all, I really don’t know what form everything will take come the 13th, when month six begins, normally I find something new to try, but I like the 50 words and expanding them, so, I think they’ll stay, but the youchallenges, they are going to disappear I think.

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      2. That’s half the fun of writing in general. Experimentation, seeing where things take you and also throwing out what you don’t like. The beauty of it is you can always create something new and quite often it will be something you never even saw coming…all starting from a simple idea. πŸ™‚

        Writing is awesome and I look forward to seeing what happens as you enter the new month and try new things. Keep up the amazing work! ^_^

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