Day 178 – Scissors – Whispered Words



through your flesh,



with it’s blades two,




opening you up,



 is it over you cry,

I smile,

and you cry some more,

as I cut out your tongue,

no need for anymore questions,

not where we’re going.

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  1. Don’t we judge our works more than others? Haha, but honestly, I think some things I set out to do work, but other things slowly begin to work. These whispered words are a work in process, and I guess I see them as that still. Especially if I was to compared them to your clock tower story arc. 👍


  2. Splendidly dark and brutal! I love your work sir. ^_^

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    1. Thanks so much, pale when compared to what your skills produce, but thanks for enjoying 👍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re way too down on yourself. I don’t do anything special, I swear. Xp

        You write quite wonderfully and produce plenty of content.

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