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Day 183 – Nevermore – 50 Word Story Expanded

I lay there for an eternity, enjoying the air as it filled my lungs, the smells of life, the feel of the dirt against my back, in my eyes, my mouth, everywhere actually. Finally, I moved, it was dark, but I knew my way out, I remembered it well, it’s funny how when your life is about to end, your mind takes everything in, like a sponge. I found my way back to the road, and then, I don’t know why, but I looked back. I guess somewhere inside I knew it’d be there, in the shadows, with it’s black eyes shimmering in the darkness. It let out a low growl, for a few more moments I stood there, staring at it, then I turned back to the road, and continued my walk, towar……

“Can I interrupt you for a moment?” he asks, sitting forward in his seat, leaning on his note pad.

His eyes open and he looks up, “You’re the one who wanted to play this game, I thought you wanted me to tell you how it all started?” He replies.

“I know, but, I have questions about this story.”

“Then, ask away, like I said, it’s your game.”

“Please, this is not a game, you agreed to these sessions t…”

“I never agreed to these sessions, it was either I play ball or you keep me locked in that little box, like a fucking guinea pig,” he says through clenched teeth, with a smile broadly on his face, but his eyes show his anger.

“The agreement is for you to cooperate in these daily sessions, help me, help you break through this wall you’ve built, this reality, and the more you’ll open up. Right now all I hear from you, is just another story, just another deviation from what you said during your trial. That’s not what I want from these sessions, I want the truth!”

“You don’t want the truth, it’s boring, why not come live with me here, inside this story! Where everything is how it should be.”

“And how should everything be?”

“Dead and black, where your sin rots inside the beast.”

“Marty, if you wont take this seriously, I’ll inform Warden McKinnon that you refused to cooperate and he’ll lock you up until the day you breathe your last, you know he will. So, for the last time, tell me, how it all began.”

He leans back, and closes his eyes again, “The truth is simple doc, you see, I wrote a story and I put my everything into it, I saw it as the one that would make me, give me a name, free me from everything I had wrong with my life, and it did nothing. So I killed my family, my friend, because I was heart broken, devastated, is that what you want to hear? Will that satisfy you?”

“I still don’t think you’re being entirely honest with me, but, it’s a start, now tell me, how did you come up with the name  Rou….”

“DON’T SAY ITS NAME!” He screams, his eyes shoot open, and he stands naked, in the darkness, except for two shimmering pools of nothingness, then, it growls.


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