Day 187 – The Art Of Blood – 50 Word Story Expanded

“You impress me child, how is it that you’ve made it so far, in such little time? Not many make it here, at my feet, ready to worship me, normally the world swallows them whole, what makes you worthy of my attention?” It asks, as it sits, lazily back, on the large throne, made of skulls, he looks nervously up at the beast, biting down on his bottom lip. “Don’t be frightened child, you are in the company of friends here, they follow my bidding, you should only fear them, if you come here in anger, and not, in pride.”

“M-M-My lord,” he says softly.

“Come to me child,” he says, holding out a hand, slowly, he gets to his feet and climbs the stairs, until he is in front of the throne, the beast smiles and pulls back his robe, revealing it’s throbbing erection. “Prove to me you are mine, please me, until I am done, and you will be free to leave.”



“N-N-No my lord, I-I-I’m no..”

“I matter not what your sexual orientation is, if that is what you are worried about, it matters little to me what you prefer to lay with. But I, I prefer the company of any and all, so, bring your little mouth here, and take me, or, would you rather…”

He pulls out a golden blade from beneath his gown and tightly grips it’s blade. “I haven’t come here to please you, I’ve came here to kill you, to make you pay for all the wrongs you have done to my people, to my family, so breast, prepare to die!”

“Finally, you’re true colors are shown,” it says, as guards charge towards him, he moves swiftly and quickly, sending all twelve of them to their death, and stands before the beast, in the ever growing green sludge that was once running though the guards veins, it sits there, slowly clapping it’s hands together in appreciation of the show. “BRAVO!” It yells, with a smile upon it’s face.

“Do not mock me beast, for now it is just you and I, and soon, it will only be I. So beast, are you ready to die now? Are you ready to pay for your sins?”

“Are you sure you do not wish to lay with me? I can, if motivated show you many things, things that will make you orgasm without a touch, just the….”

“SHUT UP BEAST!” He yells.

“So, I take that as a no, what a pity,” it says, as it stands up from the chair, as he rushes towards it.

“As my blade is washed in your blood, I’ll finally have my VENGEANCE!” He cries as he swings wildly with his sword, it outmaneuvers his attack and slashes at him with it’s razor like claws, he grits his teeth, as he feels his innards tumble forward, out of his stomach. He looks up helplessly at the beast, as it stands there, licking the blood from it’s claws, a single tear runs down his cheek, as his eyes roll up inside his head, and he tumbles backwards.

“Such a shame, you had, such, pretty lips.”



The original 50 Word version can be viewed HERE.

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