Day 193 – Sweet Tea – Where It Ends

“Some people, in counties, not as prosperous as yours, treat this sort of thing, as a delicacy.”

“There’s nothing delicate about any of this, it’s terrible!”

She places it to her nose and smiles, licking her lips. “Silly man, it’s the smell of its aroma, coupled with the taste of its sweet nectar and chewy gristle that make it what it is, makes it the food of gods.”

“It’s shit is what it is.”

“You say that now, but wait,” she says with a smile.

“Wait, wait for w….” his words trail off as he slumps back in his chair, the world begins to spin violently around, a groggy smile appears on his face and his eyes, slowly move in to intersect each other, resting their gaze on his nose. “W-W-What the fuck?” He mutters.

“It’s the nectar, you see, it’s laced with a herb called Salvia, it has quite a kick doesn’t it? Although, it doesn’t last long, it does, help, alter your mind, making you more agreeable to certain things,” she says as she gets up from her seat and walks over to his side and leans in, towards him. “You see, there is a movement, over here, that is against your kind coming over and taking what you want, thinking you are the be all, end all of things. We are part of that movement, and don’t want you here, the people, don’t want you here, but you don’t seem to want to listen. So, that’s when drastic measures are taken,” she hisses into his ear.

“W-W-What…” he doesn’t get to finish as he swans forward and empties the contents of his stomach over himself, then, falls back into the seat.

She laughs, “What do I want? From you, nothing, from you’re employer, I want them to leave, to be gone.”

“Y-Y-Your mad, th-th-th….” he throws up again.

“What? They wont listen? Of course they will, otherwise we’ll mail you back to your rich Daddy in pieces,” she says as she walks over towards the doorway, looking over her shoulder, as she’s about to exit, her face, now distorted beyond imagination, sends a surge of terror though his body, she smiles, as a snake like tongue slithers out, from between her lips. “The hallucinations are going to get worse before they wears off, so, as long as you stay still, you should be okay. The only advice I can give you, would be to just go with it, let it wash over you, if fight it, well, you might see the devil himself.”

As the door closes, her laugh echoes around the room, suddenly he feels cold hands grab at him, pulling at him, tearing at his flesh, he closes his eyes, and tries to focus his thoughts, muttering undecipherable words under his breath, then, everything falls quiet, the hands stop grabbing at him, and he allows himself to relax. After a few moments he lets out a sigh, opens his eyes, and stares into a large swirling black hole of nothingness that sits before him, his heart beats furiously in his chest as a figure steps out of the hole, smiling a broad, toothy grin.

“Mister Sanders, we have so many things to show you down there, so many wonderful, painful things,” he says, as several shadow things climb out of the hole, towards him.



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