Day 209 – Schism – Where It Ends

“I don’t want to play anymore,” he says, looking down at the ground.

“You don’t just suddenly decided, half way through that you don’t want to play, it’s started, and must be finished, there is no backing out now!”

“I’m not playing!” He yells, glaring viciously at him. “This is a stupid game, people are getting hurt, I don’t want to anymore.”

“It’s now this all work Chance, you called me, you wanted this game, you wanted to be the big shot, well now, you are. So deal with it, and make your move, because the only way this game ends is when we get to the end,” he bellows.

“NO! I WON’T!” Chance screams, leaping to his feet and thrusting the table into the air, sending the board and all it’s pieces crashing to the ground.

“How dare you, sniveling worm, do you realise what you’re doing? Do you know what movements you’ve now set in motion? By disabling the board, the creatures that have been put in play are now free to roam by their own accord. Not even I can stop them now, you have condemned all of creation, life, to destruction.”

“Fuck creation, fuck everyone, do you think I care, it’s a stupid game, and I don’t want to play it anymore!” Chance yells, stomping his foot into the ground, sending a shock wave, a tremor, through the room.

“Mum’s right, you are a toss bag,” he says, kneeling down and picking up the game pieces.

“At least I don’t wipe my arse with my ball sack like you Patrick,” he says, with a wry smile.

“At least I have a ball sack, dirt for brains.”




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