Day 256 – Play Your Hand – Short Story

“Play your hand vile demon, play your hand before I make my final move!” He bellows towards the cowering young man in the corner.

“Please, Teluo, you’ve got it all wrong, I’m not a monster!” He yells back.

“Don’t make me out to be a fool, for too long have you fooled me, for too long have I turned a blind eye to you and your deeds, tonight it ends, tonight I put you in the ground where you will rot like the grotesque piece of garbage you are!” Teluo yells as he charges forwards, twin blades drawn from their scabbard, light flicks of their glistering steel, as he storms closer, and closer, saliva dripping quickly from his twisted lips, and his eyes tight, focused, digging into his flesh well before the steel of his blades, two steps away, then one, he draws back, then, thrusts forward,  and then, he is nowhere, emptiness, a world empty of everything. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!” He screams, but nothing, he tries to move, but finds he cannot, this world, the place, this, nothing, holds him in place.

“COME ON YOU COWARD! COME SHOW YOU…” He stops midway though his sentence, as the darkness melts away, and his finds himself standing in an empty field, the sky dark, and grey, the grass, dead, and yellow, her blood, deep, bright, and vibrant, he stares at it, as it runs from the holes in her flesh, he gasps as she falls to her knees, they lock eyes one last time as HE slowly rises from behind her, his blade bloody and drawn, a smile upon his face.

“This is what you wanted wasn’t it, this is what you asked of me, called of me, begged of me, I told you Teluo, I said I was no monster, but you refused to believe me, you pushed me here, you killed her, you, killed them all,” he says, glancing quickly over his shoulder, Teluo’s eyes quickly follow his, and he sees them, in seas of red, his family, his friends, everyone he swore to protect.

“This can’t be,” he says softly as they lock eyes again.

“Oh, but it is,” he says, as she slices the sword swiftly through her neck, she drops to the ground as a fountain of blood sprays up from where her head once sat, Teluo screams, as his world slows down, and then, he feels the blade against his throat, and then, a sharp, soft, cold pain passes over him, and then, darkness once more.



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