Day 262 – Past Gliders – Short Story

The darkness save no man or woman, it allows neither a reprieve, it only wants their lives, well, that’s how it seems to me anyway.

When it first appeared, the news stations reported it to be some unknown act of nature, they of course, were wrong, in every way.

His name was Marcus, he was, what you would call, a nerd. You know, awkward, clumsy, brilliant, all rolled into an unflattering package riddled with bad breath, excessive sweats and a high pitched vocal setting, basically Marcus ticked every classic nerd stereotype, ever made.

Anyway, Marcus was the reason the darkness started to swallow everything, he’d been working on some assignment for the research university he worked for, that was trying to decipher some ancient rune stone that was found on the dark side of the moon, I know, seriously, they found a stone with a ancient message on it, on the moon, and no one raised an eyebrow, all too late they realised that once they deciphered the coding, it set a chain of events in place that would bring this hunger to our home world, a hunger that wanted nothing more than to feast upon everyone of us.

Now, as the days count down, and the darkness spreads, I wonder, when will my turn be. When will I pay for my role in all of this, or, am I curse to see the end, to see how my intellect, which I once thought was vast, unrivaled, be reduced, to that of the destroyer of my species…

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