Day 270 – Stocking – Short Story

“Simplistic little fucker, aren’t you?” She says, looking down at the quivering, bloody man who crouches at her feet.

“P-P-Please, Fiona, I meant no harm, I am but….”

“YOU ARE BUT NOTHING!” Fiona yells, cutting him off as she drives a boot to the side of his head, knocking him over onto his side. “When this world fell, I was the one who raised you up, when death took your loved ones, I was the one who comforted you, when you had desires, I was the one who fulfilled them, and now, after all that I have done, you, you chose him over me?”

“I-I-I,” he licks his dry, cracked lips, hoping to wet them with the blood that runs from a gash in the side of his mouth, and down the back of his throat, he swallows, tasting the saltiness. “I never chose him over you, you did, you pushed me away,” he says as he forces himself to his knees, and kneels in front of her. “You became so obsessed with making this world yours, obsessed with doing what you thought I wanted done, but you never stopped and asked, you never thought all I ever wanted was just you, with me, by my side, enjoying each other. I never wanted this, I never wanted anything but you,” he says softly, her body relaxes, and she looks down upon him, the hate that was in her eyes now gone, replaced by sadness, she feels her eyes begin to well up with tears, and she looks away, clutching herself.

“Go,” she says.

“I’m sorry,” he says as he sits there, still staring up at her.

She looks down at him, her face twisted with anger, “GO NOW!” She screams, “GO NOW, BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND!”

He scrambles to his feet, looking over to her one last time before staggering away into the darkness, once he is gone she falls to her knees and screams in anger, as tears run down her face.


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